Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Guide to Being Trendy

Every girl needs to give their closet a little (or a lot) of TLC. Lets be honest, when you're rocking a killer outfit you gain confidence, and it may give you an indestructible feeling. Personally, I know I feel like I climbed on top of the world when my outfit is on "fleek." Fall is my favorite season for fashion. I love the basics of fall - big sweaters, scarves, and leather boots. However, every fall, excitement starts rushing through my body as I explore the new trends. Every fall the trends shift, sometimes for the worse, but mostly for the better. This fall, I have to admit, the trends are hotter than ever. 

Velvet is a popular trend for fall 2016. When you hear "velvet" being a trend, your mind probably drifts away and flashes back to the velvet top every grandmother wears to holiday dinners. Well, this fall, velvet is back, and it does not resemble your grandmother's closet. When I say velvet is a popular trend for fall 2016, I mean you can find anything in velvet. The two biggest trendy velvet pieces are bodysuits and pumps. A trendy velvet bodysuit can be found in any clothing department, and they're a must for a night out. However, if you're going on a casual dinner date, pairing a simple, yet cute outfit with velvet pumps can turn simplicity into sexy. Next time you're shopping at Nordstrom or Express, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for a piece of velvet clothing.

Mismatched earrings are making an appearance again, and I can barley contain my excitement. This fall, you don't have to worry about looking clean and crisp. The world of fashion is challenging you to buy mismatched earrings, and rock the hell out of them. Stumbling across mismatched earrings in a clothing department is inevitable now. A couple years back when I discovered the beauty and funkiness of mismatched earrings, everyone looked at me as if I got ready with my eyes shut. I kept on rocking my earrings and said, "wait a year, I bet you'll be wearing a pair of mismatched earrings, too." Although it took two years for the trend to blossom, I now say to my friends "I told you so," with a smile on my face.  

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